My book is available now!

Book news:  PAPER BONES is now AVAILABLE at Authorhouse, Amazon and Barnes and Noble!!!!  Ebook too!  I checked out the Kindle copy. Woohoo!!!  I’m official!

Please, if you get a copy, please go to Authorhouse, Amazon and Goodreads and leave a review for me??

Also, I received the business cards and book announcement cards that I created. I’ve also approved the postcards, business cards, bookmarks, flyers, posters and invites from the publisher. Those take 2-3 weeks. So I should have some of those available for the party when that day arrives.

The press release comes in a couple of weeks. I don’t even have an author copy book yet — but I’ll tell you that my husband didn’t wait and he jumped out there and ordered a hardback copy for me.  So I guess my first dollar earned comes from him. I’m so blessed.

Next is planning what else happens. I’d like to do a blog tour if anyone will have me. I’ll probably run a contest and hopefully an online launch. I’ve been reading so much online that the brain hums with everyone’s recommendations. “Do this for sure-fire success.” In the end, you have to take the knowledge you’ve absorbed and just do what feels right and comfortable. And economical and convenient. Today’s authors must do most of their marketing and advertising themselves. Unless you are JK Rowling or Patricia Cromwell, of course. 

MORE COMING!!!!  Thank you to ALL who have been so very supportive.

ON THE DESK:  I’m currently reading book #3 of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I like this YA series VERY much. It’s more adult ot me than most YA. Title:  City of Glass.

UPCOMING:  Guest Blogger slated to go live this week. I’ll calm down and get that up to you in a couple of days. I’ll tell you it is a SHE, is a published author (and a successful one), has a very large following on Twitter (over 17,000) and is a real up-and-coming writer. Stay tuned!

PERSONAL: I apologize for being behind on the Blog challenge. If I can, I will attempt to catch up and give it another go. Was kind of looking forward to creating that villain character next. Ha ha.

Hubby’s on vacation this week so that is diverting. There are things we are trying to do, from cleaning and preparing for a visit from his son, our daughter in law and our grandson to getting a cobblestone patio put in. The pavers, sand and concrete were delivered this past weekend, so now all that must be done is clear the area and build it. Ha ha ALL that needs to be done. Like saying we just need to put it in. As if it were that easy.

And that’s it from the home front!  The book it out!!  Woooohoooooo!


3 thoughts on “My book is available now!

  1. Myas says:

    I found it in Amazon … it made it to my shopping cart at least…

    • Sherry says:

      Ooh my. Thank you so much. Your support means everything. I hope you’ll share your thoughts on Amazon and Goodreads.

      By the way, your website is really wonderful now. What a difference!! And I love it.

      • Myas says:

        Thanks! I don’t always get the technical stuff, which keeps me on my toes to find another way…

        And you’re welcome!

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