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Good morning all! Lots of bits and pieces to share, so let’s get started.

Hopefully, you’ve seen that my poetry book is published and now available for purchase at Authorhouse (tho web site has technical problems), Amazon and other place. Part of the publication process included receipt of an “author’s copy” of each style of book. That means I get an AC of my hardback and softback. Those have not come just yet. However!  My husband ordered a book from Amazon the moment we were told the book was live. It came Thursday and I’ve looked at it. Big smiles. Took a picture of him reading his copy. And he’s gotten very possessive of it too. (picture was posted to Twitter)

He's reading MY book!

He’s reading MY book!

I still can’t get over the lovely cover (by Sean Foley and his model was wife Jill).  The cover is very polished and totally original. I plan to enter the cover and book into several awards.

But it was fun to write my publisher and tell them I saw my book before I even have my copy. Too funny.  Looks good too, so you can purchase yours with confidence.

Not so with the ebook. First, nothing was said to me about “special” ebook formatting or anything I needed to know that made ebooks “different.”  Needless to say, I purchased an ebook so I could see how it looked. Am not happy with the result. The ebook has some formatting issues making some poems, tho in the book, not appear in the Table of Contents. Some photographs are not with their captions. Footnote numbers are attached to titles instead of being beside the titles. Just formatting errors that need fixing. I’ve already spoken to the designers who have contacted the ebook division, so I am working that issue. If you purchased an ebook (or were planning to), hang on. I will see to it that these items are resolved.  Onward to other areas:

Items I ordered – like launch invitations and raffle gifts for the party – arrived.  I sent out some announcements cards to folks who do not “see” or “read” me online.  Working on my list of places to leave business cards, too.

Another suggestion for new authors — I was told that it helps to leave a copy of your book in reception areas (with permission of the owners), like doctors’ and dentists’ waiting areas. Also, need to connect with the local library, even the chamber of commerce, town hall, and other offices with receptions (like insurance offices, beauty parlours, etc). Never know where you might get a sale from! 

The behind-the-scenes-work is never ending. Waiting on my offiicial press release so I can connect with the local papers. Need a book in hand to go to the library. Finalizing arrangements for some local appearances.  Speaking of actual engagements, authors should try for local ladies groups (garden clubs, reading clubs, foodie meetings) as well as a meet-and-speak at your local libraries. That’s where I’m at for now.

Still working the book trailer. Decided to do a short UTube video of the first book to tide me over. Will show it here when I get that done.

Fun author notes:

I completed my Goodread’s Author page:

I also completed my Amazon Author page:

ON THE DESK:  Still reading book #3 of Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Very good.  When I get some quiet time, reading will continue. 

INKWELL:  Opened my WIP (the mystery novel) and the vampire WIP. Planning on doing the vampire story (stories?) for November’s NaNoWriMo. I can also work on my other stuff too. When the weather changes, I am much more prolific.

Guest Blogger:  Apologies to all for the late delivery of the blogger. I promise to have all posted by Monday.  Between the book coming early, hubby being on vacation this week, getting a patio built this week (and workers running around my yard all day),  I’ve been a wee bit distracted. But I’ll have new stuff for you next week.

Its Saturday. Time to do some laundry, post the #DailyTwitamin on Twitter (hope you are following), clean the bathrooms (oh how I love toity duty), dust and vacuum. Thank goodness I can put on some Justice League for my Saturday morning cartoons (some youthful traditions die hard!) while I polish off the furniture.

BAZING!  In case no one noticed, I changed the BAZING link.  My bff has taken down her last blog and so I decided to highlight blogs I follow which impress me. For now, I hope everyone will take note of The Mess that Is Me. Robbie Cox, a past Guest Blogger here is a delightfully insightful writer. You’ll enjoy him.

FINALLY:  I still don’t understand Facebook. But here’s the link to my Author “page.”  (Is that right?)

And this is the link to my “regular” Facebook place, the more private me.


2 thoughts on “Book Publishing and Publicity News

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    eBook formatting…just thinking about it makes me shudder. As for leaving a copy of your book in reception areas…the first person to notice it is likely to take it (left a card holder and cards in my dentist’s office and someone took holder and all), so only that person’s contacts may ever get to see or hear about it. I made bookmarks and 8 X 10 posters, which are much cheaper, and plan to do more of those when time allows.

  2. Myas says:

    It’s great to hear from you again. And, as always that’s a lot of good pointers. I’ve been through the eBook formatting nightmare, which is a major reason I haven’t been brave enough to try Smashwords a second time, but the result was so outstanding (after I republished the first one) even though it will be quite a project because of how I aligned some of the poems in the second one; I think… one window for their handbook and a second for the manuscript and give it a try. I’ll need an early morning start when my brain is the clearest. As the day wears on with a 3-year old, all I can say is “bibbu…bibbu…bibbu…”

    We are big fans of Scooby Doo in this household. Love the comfy pants…

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