I’m “Guesting” at The Mess!

Hi everyone! Wanted to say I’m the guest blogger at Robbie Cox’s blog. Here’s a link to my post, Chasing Immortality (or why I self-published)  Leave Robbie a comment (even if you hated my post), and feel free to puruse his insightful, honest, heartfelt blog. He’s a talented writer and I’m so honored to be a guest. Read him, and you’ll see what I mean.

I put up a permanent link for Megan’s guest post. So if you need to refer back, just check up top under the tab.

CURRENTLY READING:  Robbie Cox’s ebook, Reaping the Harvest. I’ll have a review link when I finish.

UPCOMING:  My take on the Book Launch and some tips and tricks for doing Yours!

Thank you to everyone.  Now go see Robbie, please!