Reader’s Favorite!

More delightful news to share with you!

Today I found out that I received a Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review on Paper Bones!!!

I am so proud, honored and humbled. Okay, dang it, I cried too. Big croc tears of joy.

So now in addition to the NIEA Finalist stickers, I will have beautiful silver 5 Star review stickers for my books.  I’ll show you what it looks like after both stickers are affixed. That way if you get stickers from me, you’ll know where I’m placing them.

Alright everyone, let’s do some happy dancing!!

5 Stars for Paper Bones!

5 Stars for Paper Bones!


3 thoughts on “Reader’s Favorite!

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Congratulations, Sherry! You go, girl!

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