Time for something new

I confess.  I’m one of these people who once the furniture is set in the living room is content to leave it untouched until I die. For the most part. I may add or remove a bookcase, change out a chair when replaced by new or add a different lamp. Change curtains, surely. But the big stuff? Nah.

And then you move. That gives you a chance to change everything. People who come to visit you, those who’ve known you a while, exclaim “oh look what you’ve done!” Mostly shock speaking, of course, given that they’ve never seen your things in any other pattern than the previous one. Stop laughing!

Okay, I don’t know if this makes me a careful planner, set in my ways, rigid and anal, or simply less worried about change than other folks — but I do feel now is a time to think about change and change the furniture.

I dislike Summer. No. That’s a lie. I truly despise Summer. I loved it when I was a kid, naturally. Bikes and roller skates and pogo sticks! Long, lazy days in the grass guessing cloud shapes, waiting for the ice cream truck. Ah, summer. Well thank you global warming. Now it is let-me-get-my-errands-done-before-10am-0r-melt days. I’ve never fared well in the heat. I burn so fast you can literally see it happen. I’m allergic to grass seed. The point is that during this time of the grass cutting heat wave called Summer, I am concentrating on writing and I’m feeling like it is time to rearrange the furniture.

The web furniture, that is.

So fair warning travelers and friends!  This place is going to be changing. Not sure into what because I’m only now playing with the furniture. I need new curtains, a new nook and a reading corner. Feels weird to think of change, but I’m excited now. Expect the unexpected. Soon. This current place might even go offline while I change it. I’ll let you know when.

What else would a dark fantasy writer/poet tell you? Oh, I know!

Don’t look behind you!


Leave the lights on.


Something is coming between the lines….


Worse! (here is where you shiver a little with me)

What’s worse than something wicked? (Oh don’t sound so incredulous!)



3 thoughts on “Time for something new

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Conversely, I LOVE summer. My best days are spent lying on the sofa for an hour, remembering those lovely things from my past. My worst days are spent trying to move physical furniture into permanent places where I won’t ever have to move it again. In extreme moments, I even chuck out pieces. Trouble is, I always find another to take its place, and there I am, back in Square One. Sherry, tell me your secret to getting it right, please!
    PS In the midst of chaos in my real world, I’ve started thinking about revamping my website (it must be catching!), but that’s still in the distant mists.

  2. Mary Deal says:

    Great post. I am going through the same thing. Am eager to see how you re-arrange. It’ll be fun, really.

    • Sherry says:

      Thank you, Mary! Nice to see you here. So you’re changing things too! Marvelous! You give me courage, haha! Seriously, I’m only now doing the blueprint and questioning what I need the most. But I have an idea. I’ll be sending you an email, btw. Need to pick your brain again. Here’s to moving the furniture….

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