Brand New Look

Here we are again, but with a whole new look! I had a difficult time in choosing the direction and color.  The new theme of “Dusk to Dawn” suits my reading and writing preferences, is a little more serious and dark, but can easily be changed with either my mood or the season.  I hope you will enjoy it. I welcome your comments, as always!

While you are here, don’t forget to check out the new Books page and if you are interested in purchasing, you can simply click on the book and it will deliver you to a good place.

Also, there is a new offering in Sneak Peeks. Remember those come and go without warning! There will be more of those moving forward. Sometimes photos, poetry or prose. That will be the place to discover samples of new releases too!

As I have organized this new blog I’ve been working on a new plan for posts. You’ll begin to see those next week.  I want to do some interviews too, so hang on for those. I’m still interested in Guest Editorials (you should contact me if interested) but I’ve missed doing interviews and will return to that style.

You’ll also find my book reviews, articles on writing, or things that inspire me.  Maybe I’ll write about you!

More new things are coming. I told you to hang with me because the payoff will be FUN.

Thanks for peeking at what’s Between the Lines!



5 thoughts on “Brand New Look

  1. Melonie Flomer says:

    Huge improvement! Especially the colors. This is definitely more your style, and you are one stylish lady.

    • Sherry says:

      That’s very kind of you. Thank you, bff! This was one of those “things” I was trying to chat about. Really glad you like. I just need to figure out how to make my posted response box the same color as the rest of the comments. Your help would be most welcome…*cough cough* 🙂

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