Paper Bones wins Gold!

The 2014 Global Ebook Awards announced their winners early this morning and I am delighted to announce that Paper Bones is a Gold Medalist in Poetry! I am completely amazed, as I hoped to “place” but truly did not expect the win. This comes as a most welcome surprise. Here is my virtual “sticker.”

gold medal

Click here for a complete list of winners!

Do book awards matter? I have to tell you the answer is a resounding YES. Book publicists, literary agents, publishers, librarians, book bloggers, and more will tell you that when a book wins an award, the odds are significantly increased that your readership will increase. People who might not look at your book under normal circumstances are more intrigued when a book wins an award. The more awards, the more interesting.

I’ve heard it said to me, too. “This award convinces me that I need to read your book sooner rather than later.” And, “I didn’t know you had a book until I saw the press release for the NIEA awards! I ordered it right away.”

So, if you are wondering if you should, then yes, you should! There are some reputable awards that most authors recognize. Here is a great list that you should consider. One thing though. You do have to pay. You are paying for quality judges. They get honorariums for their time and effort. So, you pay an entry fee. This does not guarantee an award, so understand this up front. Some awards can be up to $80 per book, per category. So, select carefully and spend your entry money wisely. Here’s your list.

I don’t know if sales will increase as a result (there is evidence that sales do), but if you haven’t read Paper Bones, click on my Books tab (see the left column) and click on Paper Bones. It will take you to a place where you can get your copy in ebook, hardback or softback. My thanks for any support.

I need to add a special thank you to Mary Deal who wrote the Foreword to Paper Bones.  She told me years ago that I needed to publish and believed in me. An award-winning, multi-book, multi-genre author, Mary carries weight when she speaks. I listened. Boy, I’m glad now that I did. I remain humbled by her faith in me, as I do from others who have stood by me for many years (my sister, my best friend and my husband to name the keys).

So, Paper Bones wins Gold! I’m going to play the National Anthem now and quietly appreciate my Olympic moment. Thanks everyone!