End the Silence? Okay, listen to this…

“Every 15 seconds a woman in America is being abused. One out of four women will fall victim to domestic violence at some point in their life, and this is a season-long call for action. There is silence about this. This is something that isn’t talked about. It’s probably one of the most under-reported things going on in America today.” ~Dr Phil McGraw, “Dr Phil”

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. Last year, I was honored to participate in an END THE SILENCE campaign created by the award-winning author, Jenna Brooks. She gathered together an amazing group of women who offered commentary, stories (and in my case, poetry) about domestic violence and what is happening to women everywhere, or programs, or both. It was a wonderful honor to share poetry from the then newly released PAPER BONES to this cause. And the women! They were incredible with their honest and eye-opening stories.

Jenna Brooks is once again opening the door to another “END THE SILENCE? Okay, listen to this…” campaign and once more I am honored to add my voice to the contributors. I’ve offered four unpublished poems and an editorial commentary. This year’s theme focuses on “why is violence against women still so common?” Because everyone knows about DV, and yet….everyone also seems to think that everyone else is doing something about it, so they don’t need to. Plus, there remain a great many women who are being overlooked.
Certainly no one has been “silent.” EVERYONE knows about Domestic Violence and Abuse. So, maybe we’ve been shouting about the wrong things?

Because this issue is so HUGE and needs time to open discussions, Jenna has decided to open her campaign a month early. So starting today, the End the Silence 2014 is released! I am providing a link (see the top of the sidebar) , and I hope everyone will come by, and visit often, read what these fabulous women have to tell you, and open discussions with them. I am so proud and honored to be a part of this again, but my voice is one of the lucky ones. So I speak for some who can’t or are afraid. Will you listen?

And don’t think that what you see on today is all there will be. New things will be added later!

So, join us, won’t you? Help us make a difference and END THE SILENCE.

I’ll look forward to your thoughts here, there, or on Facebook. Thanks for listening. Now, let’s talk!