Hm, what’s new?

Are you following the End the Silence campaign? Jenna posted new items by Kate Givens and me.  Although I noted that people are visiting the campaign website (and wow, we all really do thank you for that), we sure would love to hear from you. So, please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, begin discussions, offer suggestions — anything at all. Just go to the page of the person you wish you comment on, and to the right of that person’s offering(s) you will see a ( ) comments. Click to add yours! It’s that easy. And I thank you in advance.

I received a very nice comment from a young person who asked about self publishing. I’m writing something up on this for next week’s Monday blog, so stay tuned. Basically I was asked, “how come self-publishing books get a bad rap?” And Sylvia, an honest answer is coming!

And I’m sure there are other new things. 🙂 BIG new thing coming next week. Make it a good weekend.

Until next week, I remain, yours between the lines!