In Her Shoes – Poetry

Let's have a poem!

Let’s have a poem!

Poetry Month – I wanted to contribute one of my poems and speak about an important issue to me,  Domestic Abuse.

This poem came to me after I drove a woman to her mother’s, her suitcase and two boxes all she had “escaped” with, and her life, of course. She told me her mother didn’t understand and she told her mother, “if you could just spend a day in my shoes, you’d see why these feet have to run.” It made me think of why we might all stand to benefit for a moment in an abused person’s point of view, “the shoes.”  I’ve slipped into them. I hope others will try it, first of curiosity, then empathy, then activism, hopefully.  First appearing on Jenna Brooks website for END THE SILENCE, Oct 2014.


There’s validity in misunderstanding.

Truth and tolerance are bunions wedged

beside apathetic calluses as

corns brave the squeeze

of an ill-fitted life.

To walk in another’s shoes is

inconvenient; worse, frustratingly

impossible to forgive what

cannot be felt. Trust is

a narrow, custom order.

“Tough as leather;” just a saying,

but eventually expensive for

orthopedic empathy when

the pinching, painful shoes

are revealed as yours.

©2014 SER


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  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Excellent insight and well said.

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