Cinderella Dandelion – Poetry

Let's have a poem!

Let’s have a poem!

I’m inspired to celebrate the dandelion farm that my front yard has become. I called it my “field of wishes.” And then I took a closer look.

Cinderella Dandelion

High yellow dress of golden sheen –

roughly silken –

unwelcome stepchild of the verdant green,

trampled, taken,

scorned on sight

until the gossamer turns

cotton white,

leaving roses rooted to the ground

as the dandelion dream –

wish sampled – takes flight

in a Cinderella nocturne

of a glass slipper song.

Happily ever after

if only for one day,

and maybe, for one night.

Cotton ball gown born out of fog.

SER © 17 June 2004

Dandelion Canvas painting by Ray Ferrer

Dandelion Canvas painting by Ray Ferrer


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