Book Review – Broken Souls by Blackmoore


Broken Souls (Eric Carter, #2)Broken Souls by Stephen Blackmoore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I dove into this second book by Stephen Blackmoore like a dehydrated gal in the desert. And wow, am I sated!

First, I thought I was going to have trouble with Blackmoore’s writing style. Nope, totally digging the way he presents his characters and his plot. It is Alex Verus, meets the Iron Druid meets Harry Dresden meets Mike Hammer. Seriously, our anti-hero is a tattooed necromancer who is uber power right now (thanks to Santa Muerte), and man can he work the spells!

This is real urban fantasy. Takes place in LA and don’t you know there’s plenty of magic and bad-assery to be found there.

Eric is in trouble and it keeps getting worse. I can’t tell you more because that would mean I have to do spoilers. Let me just say, ghosts, blood, a knife, a promise, a betrayal, lots of hate and a really BIG surprise. I love Blackmoore because he can weave a yarn so tight that I have trouble finding any holes. He makes urban fantasy sing.

Invest in our foul-mouthed, beat up, kill and be damned anti-hero and experience the talent of a one of today’s best fantasy writers. Where is book 3? June 2015. Good grief, but I’m ready!

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