May Day Writer Challenges

Happy May Day! The gloomy day is marked by cool breezes and dirty clouds with a somber feel to it. Not to despair! The weekend promises sun and warmth.  The grass will be happy and the is something about a colorful spring.

I’m busy on my individual writing projects, trying to finish two this year. But I always have time for writing exercises and I want to share a couple with you.

So here are some weekend challenges to get those writer’s juices flowing. Camp NaNoWriMo and Poetry Month are over but the writing must continue, must improve! So here are exercises to keep you sharp. Write small snippets to fire up those imaginary juices:

1. Late at night you hear an odd crying coming from outside. The power is out and you know what you are hearing isn’t human. You decide to investigate despite your better judgement. Flashlight in hand….

2.  Grocery store shopping stinks. But you’re out of almost everything. You’re standing in the meat section when you notice some blood oozing from under the folding doors to the butcher shop. Your goosebumps have goosebumps but you are a trained PI. That’s when you notice that today’s rump roast is a real rump, and the leg quarters look familiar…

3.  Love is in the air. Your favorite person is getting married today and you are excited because you are the best person! Everything will go without a hitch but you have to give the reception toast. And what do you say to the King and Queen of the Fae when their daughter marries a human?

4. Gardening always calms you despite your brown thumb. However, lately your flowers have really taken off. In fact, they seem to be flourishing without any help from you. What is your new secret?


There you go. Challenge yourself and challenge your writer friends. Work your muse every day and grow your ability to tell marvelous tales. Whether you write children’s stories, non-fiction, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, or horror, everyone benefits from a good stretch of the mind.

Oh and read. Read LOTS. Keeps the mind thinking about “that next project…”

NEXT WEEK: Authors you should be following!

Thanks for coming by. Leave me your challenge suggestions! I’ll share them with my writers’ group!

Yours Between the Lines,



2 thoughts on “May Day Writer Challenges

  1. Mary Deal says:

    Here’s a challenge question: How many have converted their blog or website to the new google requirements for making sites readable on all eReaders? And how difficult was it?

    • Sherry says:

      That’s not exactly the kind of challenge I was asking for. LOL

      But it is a good question for the masses. Google did say they were changing things. I’m lucky that WordPress is readable and okay. I feel for folks like you that have so much to update.

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