New Web Site!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Writers and Readers, Authors and Bloggers,

I’m proud and delighted to announce the last of my new surprises.

My new domain/website Sherry Rentschler is now LIVE!

As a result of the new site, I also have a new blog — or rather Between the Lines has a new home.  And new things planned for your pleasure.

This blog here will be going inactive in a couple weeks. I encourage you to join me at the ****new**** site and sign up for the new newsletter. 

————FOLLOWING BY EMAIL WILL NO LONGER WORK and will soon be deleted here.————

I’m very excited about the direction I’m going and I hope you’ll go along with me.

Many thanks to Dawn at Austin DesignWorks for my new website!!!

C’mon, let’s go to my new home!

I remain Yours Between the Lines!


Here’s Your Giveaway!


Photos of this MONSTER Giveaway posted 03/30. Have some fun with this! Winners will be announced on 04/16 and packages to be mailed immediately after confirming addresses with winners.

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Good Luck all!

And let’s celebrate National Poetry Month with actual poetry!


Die Vampires, Die! (NaNo Here I Come!)

You are a writer. Say it with me, “I am a writer.” At least you want to be, right? You think you are? You sometimes are. You used to be? You thought you were? But….but…but…

And as a writer, you want to become a novelist and then, an Author. (ooh did you hear the angel choir and the epic soundtrack when I said that word?)

What’s that??

Did I hear you say you CAN’T do it? That you’re AFRAID? You don’t have TIME? It’s too hard? Life happens? There’s the kids…you don’t know what to say…you tried before and failed….no one wants to hear what you have to say…blah, blah, blah (oh yeah, I’ve heard ALL the excuses!).

Uh-oh. You’ve got vampires! And believe you me, I know vampires!

Every year about this time, I have to drag out my favorite Broadway tune just for the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) people and any of my friends who try to tell me that they have Writer’s Block or don’t “feel” the muse or some other excuse that is holding them back from taking pen in hand and putting down all those words that have been pestering them for months. Years. If this is you (and it’s okay to admit it), then you have vampires and I have the stake cure for you!


Oh and this isn’t just for writers either!  If you are any kind of an artist – sketcher, painter, sculptor, musician, poet, actor, singer, dancer, anything creative – then this little bit of inspiration is FOR YOU. Time to slay the vampires in your heart, mind and soul. Those spirit suckers are going down!

Go get all your buddies and friends, spread the word, bring your tools of the trade and settle in. It’s time to kill some vampires!

First, deep breath. Now close your eyes. Now, believe. In yourself. In your stories. In the possibility of fun. Just believe.

Next, trust that belief. TRUST in yourself. You are a writer. Trust this instinct.

Then, stop saying why you can’t and start listing ways you CAN. (belief).

Now, what would you like to write about? Write that down. Now, name the three characters you just have to have. Write that down. Now what is the reason for the story? Write that down. See? You can do this. Now make a bare bones outline of what all you want to cover. Then spend the next two weeks filling in the blanks with all the delicious moments you want in your book. Go wild and crazy! This is NaNo time!

There, look at that! You are now in possession with the first stake against those vampires. Do more. And believe in yourself. This can be fun.

Most of all. This CAN BE. (belief).

All right, my little vampire slayer. Go forth and prepare to write! Sign up for NaNoWriMo and join people from AROUND THE WORLD who are going to take that leap of faith and exercise their need to write down the stories aching to be told.  I believe in YOU.

So, November and the rest of our lives, here we come!  Here’s a little gift for all you Vampire Killers while you make more vampire killing stakes and stock up on ink pens, tablets, printer paper, notecards, chocolate, tea, coffee and music. Make this your top song! Go get ’em!



New Book is LIVE!

I’m so pleased to announce that my new book, By Light Betrayed, is now live! Bookstand Publishing, my publisher, has listed me in their New and Notable area as a new release (I’m also listed in the Poetry bookstore). You can view the new listing and make your order here.  Amazon has the hardback listed but not the paperback at this writing. Things take time to show up.  The ebook will come in about two weeks. When it is released, you can get it on Amazon, iTunes, B&N, and other digital readers. The problem is, if you don’t have a color reader, you won’t see my luscious color photographs!

There’s a bonus in this book, too. A fiction excerpt from next year’s novella! So you get a triple whammy of dark, vampire poetry, color photographs, and some fiction. I wanted to give you more than “normal” because this is my last book of poetry.

So, to give you a taste (oh I did just say that!) of the book’s flavor, here’s a link to my You Tube chanel and the book trailer. Stop by and be seduced!

And thank you for your support. Without it, there wouldn’t be this second book.

All right, this is October, time for a few scares and thrills. By Light Betrayed is your ticket to the secret heart of the vampire. Come with me into forever….

New Release!

New Release!

Perspective – what’s “best?”

Have you ever been told, “You’re one of my best friends”? Someone said this to me long ago and it jerked up my head, fast. One of? I was confused. As I understand the word, “best,” it means that is the pinnacle, the utmost of excellence, the very top. That means, from my perspective, there is but one “best.” To be “the best” is a singular honor, right? So, one of the best?

Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with saying that something is among the best. Olympic bronze medalists are “among the best” athletics in the world, though the gold medalist is “the best” in that moment. But I would not say that the bronze medalist was “the best” unless the medalist was in the room with folks who never won a medal. Then, yes, at that moment the medalist was “the best.”  You see? It is about perspective.

Now come back to the woman who called me “one of the best friends.” I know it was as a compliment. I also know I am not her best friend, so perhaps she was trying to be complimentary. What it said to me was, you aren’t my “go-to” friend, but I value you. Perspective. You know me; I asked her about it. And her answer surprised me. “I have different best friends. Depends on the secrets I want to share, then who I go to.”  An original take but again, that definition does defy the definition of “best.”

With all things I take this into my writing and apply it to my characters. Do they have relationships that are blurry? Are my perspectives sending mixed signals? Do my characters even have a “bestie?” Do YOURS? Have I rounded out my relationships so that they make sense and add value to my protagonist’s character traits? These are questions you should check just as you do in real life. Perspective matters and you have to understand why you feel and believe what you do in order for your reader to at least share your point of view. Be clear and say what you mean. Don’t rely on interpretation. You may not get the “best” result. Something for your editing checking, ok?


Now, speaking of besties, I once wanted a Siri so I might have a best friend in my phone. Nah, I have a best friend who luvs me in my Android, my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Let me show you some examples and make you smile.

See a doctor, she said!

See a doctor, she said!

She loves our conversations!

She loves our conversations!

but “the best!” for last:

She'll always be my friend. Aw.

She’ll always be my friend. Aw.

Perspective. May you find the best one for you.

Yours between the lines, as ever,

I’m “Guesting” at The Mess!

Hi everyone! Wanted to say I’m the guest blogger at Robbie Cox’s blog. Here’s a link to my post, Chasing Immortality (or why I self-published)  Leave Robbie a comment (even if you hated my post), and feel free to puruse his insightful, honest, heartfelt blog. He’s a talented writer and I’m so honored to be a guest. Read him, and you’ll see what I mean.

I put up a permanent link for Megan’s guest post. So if you need to refer back, just check up top under the tab.

CURRENTLY READING:  Robbie Cox’s ebook, Reaping the Harvest. I’ll have a review link when I finish.

UPCOMING:  My take on the Book Launch and some tips and tricks for doing Yours!

Thank you to everyone.  Now go see Robbie, please!

Challenge 9 &10: Villians & July

Day 9: Create a villain and describe them in 500 words or less

 First, you feel it in your soul, a deep unbalance that you can’t explain. Awareness follows, telling you that something is there, something you can’t see, something you sense more than feel. It chills you with a coldness falling from the sky, not of the earth. You look up, searching for answers, trying to reason out why you feel this terrible foreboding. Finally, you smell a strange sweetness, as if wildflowers just bloomed in the early spring. You think this may be good but your sixth sense warns you, “danger!” Suddenly, there, lingering just out of range of your vision is a shimmering, a glimmer of a being. You squint, attempting to focus but it remains oddly vague and confusing. Still, you know there is wrongness in the air, and before you can process any further, a shape materializes before you. Beautiful, delicate, beyond ethereal. This is a sylph. However, not just any sylph, this woman, daughter of Gaia, was poisoned by smog, ozone, carbon emissions, and nuclear waste. There is a gray cast to the shimmering, a hint of oily sheen visible only in the direct sun.  

This sylph is Gaia’s hitman. She seeks vengeance on all humans. Indiscriminate, her vacant soulless eyes offer no mercy, no empathy. If you are caught, her chill is paralyzing, her justice immediate and unmerciful.  

Aesta wasn’t always like this. Once, long ago, she was a wood nymph. She fell in love with a young undine. Together they romped as young lovers do, splashing about in pure clear streams. He fed the roots of her home; his love nourished her heart. She kept him clear and strong. One day a human came. He cut down her beloved tree and Aesta fell into the clear stream. Her lover kept her safe, cradled in his arms and salvaging a large branch from her tree. But she couldn’t stay in the water and he had to place her on the land. Without her nourishing home, she dried up and her dust went into the air. Gaia took pity on her and made her a sylph.  

Her sorrow was just beginning. While she transitioned to a sylph, the human built his factory, spilled foulness into the clear water and her lover choked to death on toxins. When Aesta returned to the water by her felled tree, she found but a hint of her lover in the cracks of the shore. He was gone forever. Gaia wept new tears but Aesta consumed the gray storms and they became her furious heart.  

Her lust for death to all humans is a terror. She is sought by the other elementals but she means to destroy the humans from her beloved Mother Earth before she is captured. (456 words)


Day 10: List 5 things you like about July and 5 things you dislike 


1.  At month’s end, 3 and 1/2 months til I decorate for Christmas
2.  Staying inside gives me lots of time for reading & movies
3.  Don’t have to diet because I ate a lot of salads and sandwiches and no heavy stuff
4.  Always look forward to homemade ice cream during the 4th (see 5)
5.  Fireworks for America’s birthday (and sparklers!)


1. HOT
2. Kids out of school crowd malls/amusements
3. Wasps/Bees/Ants
4. Days are too long/nights too short
5. The heat makes me very uninspired