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Photos of this MONSTER Giveaway posted 03/30. Have some fun with this! Winners will be announced on 04/16 and packages to be mailed immediately after confirming addresses with winners.

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And let’s celebrate National Poetry Month with actual poetry!



Best Book Cover Winner!

I am delighted to announce that my book, Paper Bones, is the Top Winner of AuthorsdB 2013 Best Book Cover, Arts and Photography (poetry entries go there). As a result, I will be sporting a new GOLD sticker on the web site and all my online pages. Plus any books you buy from me will include this sticker (soon as I get them).

A big thank you and congratulations to my book illustrator Sean Foley and his model/wife, Jill. They took my idea and my words and turned them into a beautiful realized cover!  We did it guys! The Gold Medal. May it be the first of many!

And I want to thank all who helped me by voting for my entry. Your votes are what put me into the finals. Without your support I couldn’t have had this opportunity or this success. I am grateful and mindful that this award is half due to all of you. Thank you!

Here it is!

2013 Best Book Cover

Gold Medal!


Oh my dear readers! My artwork – the painting I raved about purchasing, the one I’ve been carrying on about on Twitter – by Ray Ferrer arrived today!!  I am speechless. It is beyond everything. I’m absolutely insane over it. Anyone who knows me will understand the significance of the picture. And it has left me breathless.

I will add that it is an original, unlike any in Ray’s repertoire. And he signed it too. Lordy, listen to me, the fangirl!! And I am, really. So here it is:

my dandelion!

my dandelion!

And it doesn’t look nearly as good as it does in person. I will try to take a better picture. There’s one on Twitter I took with my new cell phone (I got a Samsung Galaxy III) if you want to see a wee bit better shot (tho it is exactly like this one).  I. Love. This. Canvas!!!

Please visit Ray’s artworks. There’s a link on the right side for him. Tell him Sherry sent you (No I don’t get anything for that, just that he’ll know I’m speaking about him).

And maybe you’ll find something you like too. His work is amazing. I’m planning to buy s’more soon.

Thanks for stopping in. I’m making one of my characters an art dealer. 😉