I’ve Moved!

I’ve moved!

If you follow this blog, please remember it is closed for updates. The “follow me” will be removed to prevent new sign ups.

Please join me at Sherry Rentschler. Sign up for the newsletter when you visit. Unfortunately there will no longer be blog notices when new info is posted/updated. But the newsletter will let you know about new things before others, read new things that will not appear on the website and hear about signings and giveaways before the public.

C’mon over! I look forward to seeing you.


New Web Site!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Writers and Readers, Authors and Bloggers,

I’m proud and delighted to announce the last of my new surprises.

My new domain/website Sherry Rentschler is now LIVE!

As a result of the new site, I also have a new blog — or rather Between the Lines has a new home.  And new things planned for your pleasure.

This blog here will be going inactive in a couple weeks. I encourage you to join me at the ****new**** site and sign up for the new newsletter. 

————FOLLOWING BY EMAIL WILL NO LONGER WORK and will soon be deleted here.————

I’m very excited about the direction I’m going and I hope you’ll go along with me.

Many thanks to Dawn at Austin DesignWorks for my new website!!!

C’mon, let’s go to my new home!

I remain Yours Between the Lines!

Big Changes Coming!

Hello out there!

I hope your summer has been exciting. Now that most school systems are back in session (and most college students are headed back to class), life begins a shift toward Autumn and change. And I’m here to whisper in your ear about a few changes headed your way with Between the Lines.

First, a reminder that Midnight Assassin, my character novella, is on track and still projected for 09/30.  I’m finalizing the interior and the cover designer is working hard. When I get ready to release the book, there will be a few giveaways so stay tuned for those!

Additionally, there will be some other rather large surprises coming about this blog and other stuff. Between the Lines will be changing. So keep a look out because when it happens it will be fast. Maybe new colors. Maybe new direction. Maybe…

I’m breaking in a new computer – purchased an HP Envy – and it has a touchscreen and weird menus. Have to load my Word and iTunes and all my social media plus Scrivener and all the most used programs. Sheesh. Takes so much time.  Then there are the programs I like that aren’t issued in updates to Win 8.1 or IE 11 or Chrome…and so I have to hunt those down….Arg. It takes me a while to break in a new computer and learn all the new stuff. I’m no designer/programmer/creator but I am one helluva great user. You only have to show me “how to” once and I’m off and running. So give me time and I’ll be back to “normal” in short order.

Autumn means spring fever for me. Although we aren’t there weather-wise, there are early morning hints in the air. Soon I’ll be able to open windows, air out sweaters, and break out the firepit.  Autumn is a time of change and renewal. So it will be for things here at Between the Lines. Get ready! The vampires are coming….

Oh, and I’ll be looking for some reviewers for Midnight Assassin – A Tale of Lust and Revenge. The genre is urban fantasy/vampire. If you are interested in being an early reviewer, fill out a contact form and let me know. Tell me why you are interested and be sure to be a blog and Facebook Author page follower!

I’m excited for Autumn. I’m excited about where Between the Lines is headed and I’m excited to share it with you. Change is in the air!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Yours Between the Lines,

Time for something new

I confess.  I’m one of these people who once the furniture is set in the living room is content to leave it untouched until I die. For the most part. I may add or remove a bookcase, change out a chair when replaced by new or add a different lamp. Change curtains, surely. But the big stuff? Nah.

And then you move. That gives you a chance to change everything. People who come to visit you, those who’ve known you a while, exclaim “oh look what you’ve done!” Mostly shock speaking, of course, given that they’ve never seen your things in any other pattern than the previous one. Stop laughing!

Okay, I don’t know if this makes me a careful planner, set in my ways, rigid and anal, or simply less worried about change than other folks — but I do feel now is a time to think about change and change the furniture.

I dislike Summer. No. That’s a lie. I truly despise Summer. I loved it when I was a kid, naturally. Bikes and roller skates and pogo sticks! Long, lazy days in the grass guessing cloud shapes, waiting for the ice cream truck. Ah, summer. Well thank you global warming. Now it is let-me-get-my-errands-done-before-10am-0r-melt days. I’ve never fared well in the heat. I burn so fast you can literally see it happen. I’m allergic to grass seed. The point is that during this time of the grass cutting heat wave called Summer, I am concentrating on writing and I’m feeling like it is time to rearrange the furniture.

The web furniture, that is.

So fair warning travelers and friends!  This place is going to be changing. Not sure into what because I’m only now playing with the furniture. I need new curtains, a new nook and a reading corner. Feels weird to think of change, but I’m excited now. Expect the unexpected. Soon. This current place might even go offline while I change it. I’ll let you know when.

What else would a dark fantasy writer/poet tell you? Oh, I know!

Don’t look behind you!


Leave the lights on.


Something is coming between the lines….


Worse! (here is where you shiver a little with me)

What’s worse than something wicked? (Oh don’t sound so incredulous!)


Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome 2014!

I contemplated doing a long, reflective post with apologies and promises but I decided that what I owe you is so much more.

So here is what is coming in 2014:

I’ll give you some info on the publication of my book, Paper Bones, tell you how I’m doing and share tidbits I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully, some of this will inspire or help you on your publication journey.

This year I’ll share more pictures, more book and movie reviews as I read/see them. We can have great discussions on the merits of our reading material. Also, we’ll look at life and how we can use it to enhance our writing. I want to discuss so many topics on writing this year, sharing some of my work, getting your feedback and thoughts too.

I’ve joined Facebook and is part of why I’ve been missing. Learning to work my “other” social media outlets and find balance is a good topic for an upcoming post. We’ll discuss it. Meanwhile I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn and Klout for starters.

Life is a true adventure! We’re going on it now, together. I’m changing the blog (going to need some help but I know a few folks who can assist me), and we’re getting down to business.

So, I hope you’ll come back every day as we look at our lives, between the lines!

Happy New Year, friends and readers. Thank you for being there! See you tomorrow.

Bing Sming, I’m a….


…GOOGLE GIRL!  Rentschler, Sherry Rentschler.

I choose Google

I choose Google

What about YOU??

Pet Peeve. Do you have any that you’ll tell people you have? Will you own up to yours? I have one that I’ve realized bothers me more than I realized. It’s manners. Example:  If you tell me you’re going to be at my house to do a “job” and you show up to tell me that you have work elsewhere and you’ll just come “next week” – and expect that to be all right – well, that’s unprofessional and rude. Then to call me days earlier than you say you’ll show for your “redo visit” and say you’re coming early!?  No. Nope. No way. Example:  You tell someone you will meet them and you don’t show or you show an hour late. Then don’t contact them until the next day or you just show up. No notice. No apology. As if my time doesn’t matter.  Example:  You aren’t invited to stay at my home and you arrive in town and come over, fully expecting to stay with me. !

People can be….disappointing. Manners given is respect given. Courtesy matters, folks. When you use your manners, you show people you respect them and that their feelings are important, at least as important as your own. Lack of manners implies a lack of respect, to me. Lack of manners implies a lack of discipline too, to me.

SO my new pet peeve. People who go through life without manners or courtesy and expect others to simply be okay with that. Grrrr. Not happening with me.

Breathe. Ahm…..I’m better now. I’m a Google Girl. 🙂