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Big Changes Coming!

Hello out there!

I hope your summer has been exciting. Now that most school systems are back in session (and most college students are headed back to class), life begins a shift toward Autumn and change. And I’m here to whisper in your ear about a few changes headed your way with Between the Lines.

First, a reminder that Midnight Assassin, my character novella, is on track and still projected for 09/30.  I’m finalizing the interior and the cover designer is working hard. When I get ready to release the book, there will be a few giveaways so stay tuned for those!

Additionally, there will be some other rather large surprises coming about this blog and other stuff. Between the Lines will be changing. So keep a look out because when it happens it will be fast. Maybe new colors. Maybe new direction. Maybe…

I’m breaking in a new computer – purchased an HP Envy – and it has a touchscreen and weird menus. Have to load my Word and iTunes and all my social media plus Scrivener and all the most used programs. Sheesh. Takes so much time.  Then there are the programs I like that aren’t issued in updates to Win 8.1 or IE 11 or Chrome…and so I have to hunt those down….Arg. It takes me a while to break in a new computer and learn all the new stuff. I’m no designer/programmer/creator but I am one helluva great user. You only have to show me “how to” once and I’m off and running. So give me time and I’ll be back to “normal” in short order.

Autumn means spring fever for me. Although we aren’t there weather-wise, there are early morning hints in the air. Soon I’ll be able to open windows, air out sweaters, and break out the firepit.  Autumn is a time of change and renewal. So it will be for things here at Between the Lines. Get ready! The vampires are coming….

Oh, and I’ll be looking for some reviewers for Midnight Assassin – A Tale of Lust and Revenge. The genre is urban fantasy/vampire. If you are interested in being an early reviewer, fill out a contact form and let me know. Tell me why you are interested and be sure to be a blog and Facebook Author page follower!

I’m excited for Autumn. I’m excited about where Between the Lines is headed and I’m excited to share it with you. Change is in the air!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Yours Between the Lines,

Book Review – Wicked Embers by Keri Arthur

Wicked Embers (Souls of Fire, #2)Wicked Embers by Keri Arthur

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 2 in the Souls of Fire series picks up right after our initial foray leaves off. The Crimson Death is being used by a tool, vampires and red cloaks (sindicati) alike are spreading fear and terror and slowly gaining ground. Emberly Pearson, our heroine and phoenix, is trying to recover lost research that will lead to a vaccination or hopefully a cure.

Wow. I mean I love Keri Arthur’s writing. Her previous series (The Dark Angels novels) hooked me and that’s why I dove into this new offering (that, and there’s a phoenix. Hello!). And Keri never disappoints. You have action, passion, dynamic action and intricate characters. Even our villains are rich and deep. You have to love a book that is so fulfilling!

This particular book deals with a mysterious killer, one whose form shifts and changes and yet can disappear like smoke. Not a shapeshifter. Not a vampire. And it getting more daring and more lethal…and Emberly’s dreams are not giving her much notice for stopping it.

All the characters from the first book are back – Emberly, Rory (her spiritual phoenix mate), Jackson (fire Fae), and her ex-lover Sam who is part of the undercover, unmentionable police force that works the non-humans. And then there are the vampires. And oh boy are there plenty of those!

This is a can’t-put-down-book and I finished it off in three big gulps. Can not wait for the next volume because this one leaves me hanging! Do give Keri Arthur a try — she’s top drawer in fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal and gothic fantasy.

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Perspective – what’s “best?”

Have you ever been told, “You’re one of my best friends”? Someone said this to me long ago and it jerked up my head, fast. One of? I was confused. As I understand the word, “best,” it means that is the pinnacle, the utmost of excellence, the very top. That means, from my perspective, there is but one “best.” To be “the best” is a singular honor, right? So, one of the best?

Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with saying that something is among the best. Olympic bronze medalists are “among the best” athletics in the world, though the gold medalist is “the best” in that moment. But I would not say that the bronze medalist was “the best” unless the medalist was in the room with folks who never won a medal. Then, yes, at that moment the medalist was “the best.”  You see? It is about perspective.

Now come back to the woman who called me “one of the best friends.” I know it was as a compliment. I also know I am not her best friend, so perhaps she was trying to be complimentary. What it said to me was, you aren’t my “go-to” friend, but I value you. Perspective. You know me; I asked her about it. And her answer surprised me. “I have different best friends. Depends on the secrets I want to share, then who I go to.”  An original take but again, that definition does defy the definition of “best.”

With all things I take this into my writing and apply it to my characters. Do they have relationships that are blurry? Are my perspectives sending mixed signals? Do my characters even have a “bestie?” Do YOURS? Have I rounded out my relationships so that they make sense and add value to my protagonist’s character traits? These are questions you should check just as you do in real life. Perspective matters and you have to understand why you feel and believe what you do in order for your reader to at least share your point of view. Be clear and say what you mean. Don’t rely on interpretation. You may not get the “best” result. Something for your editing checking, ok?


Now, speaking of besties, I once wanted a Siri so I might have a best friend in my phone. Nah, I have a best friend who luvs me in my Android, my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Let me show you some examples and make you smile.

See a doctor, she said!

See a doctor, she said!

She loves our conversations!

She loves our conversations!

but “the best!” for last:

She'll always be my friend. Aw.

She’ll always be my friend. Aw.

Perspective. May you find the best one for you.

Yours between the lines, as ever,

Can we truly be prepared?

This post is all about preparedness.

Annette Funicello passed away yesterday. She was one of the original Mouseketeers and my childhood idol. She began as a Mouser in 1953 and just a few short years later I was a four year old singing, “M – I – C(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) See you real soon!- K – E – Y(iiiiiiiii) Why? Because we like you!…..” And I would blow kisses to the TV screen, looking forward to the next day and that happy smile of that sweet dark-haired girl dancing in black and white. She represented everything I hoped to be back then. Even my parents loved her (my Dad lovingly called her Annette Fun-a-boobie, but that’s a Beach Blanket Bingo story!). The last decades of her life have been a struggle. But in true Mousketeer form, she persevered, remained positive as much as she was able, and showed us how to live life fully and with grace.

But even those who were closest to her, those who knew she was in her last days, really truly couldn’t prepare for her death.

Margaret Thatcher died the same day. She was a great lady, whatever you think of her political stance. She suffered many stokes in the last years of her life and those close and dear to her knew the end was coming soon. And then it came.  Shock settled over all.

North Korea, a mostly impotent country for the last 50 years or so, is now flexing muscles and threatening nuclear war to show it cannot be bullied by “imperialists.” Even neighboring China has had its borders closed on the N. Korean side. The world watches, worries and wonders — is this the moment when world disaster strikes from an arrogant posturing ruler? Are we prepared for such an eventuality? Can we be?

I always think of how life directly affects my imaginary characters. I’m all about giving my writing a “reality” in the fiction. I want readers to connect, read events, nod heads in agreement because they can relate to the emotions even if the event is a vampire attack. The fear, the social impact, the outcomes have to have some sense of knowing behind them. Could we be prepared for death or disaster in any form?  Ask the people who watched backyards disappear in a fast-moving landslide.

And it isn’t just death that we try to prepare for. Here, it is convenient for examples but a baby’s birthing (ask the dad who delivered his son along the highway), a daughter’s sudden engagement (Dad never though anyone was “good enough”), a lottery win (who can really prepare for $200 million??), any major event posed preparation questions. Do your characters struggle with it? Do they show it? Wouldn’t they struggle even as we all do?


Now that I’ve posed the main question, here’s another: Are you prepared for my guest blogger? She is going to be here on Monday. First hint: She’s a woman. GASP. (sorry). Okay here’s a better hint: She’s been interviewed by one of my past guest bloggers. Ah! Much better.  So, are you prepared?



It’s under the bed!
No! It’s out in the shed.
It’s definitely not dead!
Get it out of my head!

Where did it go?
I’m afraid it’ll show!
I run really slow…
Does it know?

It’s under the bed!
Has it been fed?
Will it have a big head?
Can it hear what I said?
It’s under the bed!


Changes. I think.

Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.
~Irene Peter

What a week it has been!  Changes have come all around. First, there was snow. Yes, I’m delighted to say the snow faeries were kind to me (though not so much to others and I’m heartily sorry for so many who are suffering with so much snow and ice). Then the rains came. Inches and inches. Many places have flooded, though I have not. Still, the rain has been profuse and all signs of the drought are long gone.

These changes are only changes because they are different from what was in the weeks before. But I can’t say these things are unexpected. Snow and rain are a part of every January and February. Only the amounts have changed. So as the quotation says, things are different, but it doesn’t necessarily means anything has changed.  Perhaps we confuse “different” with “change.” 

And sometimes “different” does bring change. I went to my son-in-law’s Army promotion ceremony last week. He’s an E-8, Master Sergeant now. He’s a First Sergeant, too.  This has been his goal for 20 years and now, he has achieved what he set out to do. It is awe-inspiring to witness the fulfillment of someone’s hopes and aspirations. He changed to meet his goal.  As a result, he is a different man than he was 10 years ago.  This change has been inspirational and visual.

There were visual changes in racing as  this weekend saw a return to NASCAR. Finally! Once more the sound of rumbling thunder filled the skies. Men and women (yes, women!), did the dance of speed, racing mere inches from one another in tango of coordination and nerve. There are changes to the car bodies making them more aerodynamic. There are changes to the restrictor plates (for super speedways) which will make the cars go faster and give the drivers more control. There are less rules about behavior which allow the drivers to meet out anger and justice a little more realistically. All of these being highy praised “changes.”

And then there was a race last night. Not for points. Just for pride and glory. The cars roared to life, banging and bumping, wrecking and smashing, crowds cheering and gasping, drivers alternately smiling and glowering. We saw the “changes” in action.  And a winner emerged, a surprise, yet not. Yes, racing had returned at last. There were changes but no one was talking about those while champagne sprayed and confetti blew. Everything was pretty much the same.

Despite all the racing changes- car bodies, speed, uniforms, time of night – the only real change last night was a different year.  What was old felt new; what was new felt comfortably old.

Change may be a different perspective or an evolution in time or growth. Sometimes change is gradual and life altering. But remember, just because things are different, doesn’t necessarily mean things have changed.

As writers we must be judicious with our words, careful to say what we mean and to show the meaning clearly. Consider the scene with a young bride the morning after consummating her marriage.
“Do I look different? Everything has changed!”

Different vs. changed.  A tricky device for your characters’ lives and an even trickier device in our own. 

What a week it has been! Everything has changed. Um…I think.