Big Changes Coming!

Hello out there!

I hope your summer has been exciting. Now that most school systems are back in session (and most college students are headed back to class), life begins a shift toward Autumn and change. And I’m here to whisper in your ear about a few changes headed your way with Between the Lines.

First, a reminder that Midnight Assassin, my character novella, is on track and still projected for 09/30.  I’m finalizing the interior and the cover designer is working hard. When I get ready to release the book, there will be a few giveaways so stay tuned for those!

Additionally, there will be some other rather large surprises coming about this blog and other stuff. Between the Lines will be changing. So keep a look out because when it happens it will be fast. Maybe new colors. Maybe new direction. Maybe…

I’m breaking in a new computer – purchased an HP Envy – and it has a touchscreen and weird menus. Have to load my Word and iTunes and all my social media plus Scrivener and all the most used programs. Sheesh. Takes so much time.  Then there are the programs I like that aren’t issued in updates to Win 8.1 or IE 11 or Chrome…and so I have to hunt those down….Arg. It takes me a while to break in a new computer and learn all the new stuff. I’m no designer/programmer/creator but I am one helluva great user. You only have to show me “how to” once and I’m off and running. So give me time and I’ll be back to “normal” in short order.

Autumn means spring fever for me. Although we aren’t there weather-wise, there are early morning hints in the air. Soon I’ll be able to open windows, air out sweaters, and break out the firepit.  Autumn is a time of change and renewal. So it will be for things here at Between the Lines. Get ready! The vampires are coming….

Oh, and I’ll be looking for some reviewers for Midnight Assassin – A Tale of Lust and Revenge. The genre is urban fantasy/vampire. If you are interested in being an early reviewer, fill out a contact form and let me know. Tell me why you are interested and be sure to be a blog and Facebook Author page follower!

I’m excited for Autumn. I’m excited about where Between the Lines is headed and I’m excited to share it with you. Change is in the air!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Yours Between the Lines,


New and Future Happenings


Hello out there! Long time no share. I do apologize but have been busy. Let me share some recent events.

First, I am pleased to announce that I was included in a wonderful anthology entitled Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry, compiled by poet/author Paul Morabito. The anthology was ranked #1 on Amazon’s best new poetry anthologies. I’m pleased to be included with some of these quite extraordinary poets. If you are looking for a small compilation of current poets, you might consider this one. I do not get anything for this anthology (it all goes to the editor) but it is a good kindle present! Click here.

In case you missed it on Facebook, I’m delighted to announce that By Light Betrayed received a 5 Star Review from Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards AND I was named a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards. So, my vampires are happy.

Next, I’m delighted to announce that I have finished Midnight Assassin, the novella that was promised in the back of By Light Betrayed. Expect a release in 60 days or less! I’ll keep you posted.

While I work the publishing (and promotions and all that good stuff), I’m busy finishing some other works (a memoir, a fairy story, a vampire novel/series).

And of course, a part of me is thinking ahead to National Novel Writing Month because I am one of two Municipal Liaisons for the Charlotte region in North Carolina and it’s time to start planning for this month of hell. Seriously. Month of HELL. What to write? What novel can I get 75% finished in November? Oh the pain.

Finally, looking forward, I am going to appear on The Ron Shaw radio show on Oct 26 (more on that as we get closer) and then next year I am already planning on two author signings (on in NC and one in FL).


Lots to keep up with and I promise you’ll be in the know going forward! Also, I’ll be publicizing some of my friends’ releases and I hope you’ll join me in helping them launch some terrific books.

If we haven’t connected on Facebook or Twitter, please lets do. I’m more often there than here for personal stuff but this is where the key events are happening.

Thank you for hanging in there. I’ll be back in a day or so to talk about more serious things.
Now, go back to your writing!

Yours Between the Lines,

Giveaway Winners Announced!


I’m delighted to announce the Winners of the Monster Giveaway, major collection of books and swag in a wonderful canvas bag to:

Congratulations Anne M. and Amanda B.

Expect contact from me within 24 hours so I can get your goodies in the mail, pronto!

(You can see the actual random selections mentioned here or check the Giveaway tab on my Author Facebook page)


Do not despair if you didn’t win a book. Poetry month isn’t over! A Goodreads Giveaway will begin shortly and I will be running a fast ebook contest before the month is out! So more chances; spread the word!

Here’s Your Giveaway!


Photos of this MONSTER Giveaway posted 03/30. Have some fun with this! Winners will be announced on 04/16 and packages to be mailed immediately after confirming addresses with winners.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also click “Giveaway” on my Facebook Author Page and enter from there.

Spread the word! Tweet, Share, Reblog, Whisper, Phone a Friend.
Good Luck all!

And let’s celebrate National Poetry Month with actual poetry!


Ready for a Monster Giveaway?


In just two days it will be National Poetry Month!  I thought it was time to do a really HUGE giveaway to celebrate poetry and to show my appreciation for the support I’ve had along the way.

So on April 1, I will list an official Rafflecopter giveaway with two big prizes. The first picture is of the Monster of all Giveaways:

major goodie bag!

major goodie bag!

This above giveaway is special because it includes the rarely seen book,  I Wish You Joy, in hardback, and all kinds of cool goodies.

The second part of the giveaway is good, with just a little less offered. Here:

a mini monster goodie bag

a mini monster goodie bag

The total retail value of the combined giveaways with shipping is over $200!

If you don’t win either of these goodie bags, don’t despair. There will be yet more contests. You’ll be able to hit up Goodreads for a softbound copy of Paper Bones or By Light Betrayed (to be announced soon). And one more! Before the end of the month I will give away some ebook copies too. The other contests will be announced later.

April is National Poetry Month! Let’s read some poetry together. And if you don’t win anything this go ’round, consider buying my poetry or another Indie’s anyway. Your support of Indie authors like me is tremendously appreciated and very necessary!

Now, get ready for your giveaway starting on Wednesday, April 1 (no, that is not a joke)!

Oh — and I’m sorry, this monster giveaway is for US folks only (because of the size of each prize).

Get ahead of the game by following this blog or my Twitter or Facebook Author page. Spread the word, please! Good Luck!


Just a note to say yesterday was my birthday.  I was pampered and stuffed with good food, good company and plenty of love and laughter. Even my sister called (I almost never hear from her), so that was extra nice.  And I didn’t write a word yesterday. And it was good.  No matter how hard you work at your craft, or how desperate you are to publish, remember that if you forget to enjoy your life, it really won’t matter how prolific you are.

Yours Between the Lines, always,

Cover, Peeks, Books, oh my!

Did you catch the big cover reveal yesterday of my new book? Yes, yesterday I posted on my Facebook Author page a nice large picture of the new book cover, By Light Betrayed, Poetry of the Vampires. For those of you not on Facebook, here’s a link so you can peek. Pretty snappy, no? I also put it on my Facebook and Twitter covers. Nothing like a little overkill on publicity, right?

The new book presents dark poetry from the vampires, COLOR photographs by me and includes a very special treat: An excerpt from my upcoming vampire novella, Midnight Assassin, due out next summer (if not earlier). This will be my last book of poetry, and it is totally different from Paper Bones (for those of you who so kindly read it) because it ventures into fantasy, exploring the more gothic and macabre side of the night. Ready to be chilled, thrilled and seduced? Then you will like By Light Betrayed.

For anyone who has been checking in here, I posted a poem from the new book a couple weeks ago. You can see it in Sneak Peeks, but hurry. It is going to disappear soon!

I’ll keep you posted on the day you can order, but it will only be a couple weeks, so great ready!


Yesterday’s #MondayBlogs post about Self-Publishing bears the Bar Sinister has been generating wonderful feedback. Thank you to those of you sending me contact messages and on Facebook. I am grateful for your readership and support. Together we will help uplift the quality of the Indie author.


Some personal news: Do you participate in National Novel Writing Month every November? It is coming closer and time now to prepare. Well I’m a Municipal Liaison for the Charlotte, NC region(one of two) and I’ll be on the forums. If you are in NC or just a part of NaNo, I hope you’ll say hi. You can find me as “poetphoenix.” I’d love to hear from you and I’ll be happy to help you achieve that book goal if I can!


Currently, I’m reading Hidden by Benedict Jacka. I hope you have a good book on the table, a cuppa Joe or a huge mug of tea, a comfy chair and silence to read your favorite author’s latest creation. OH but don’t forget to buy the latest books by some Indie authors that you follow on Twitter or Facebook, too!  Do it because that’s how you support the author. Encourage them to do the same (and maybe they’ll pick up your book, too). Read, support, write, repeat.


Don’t forget to check in to the End the Silence campaign. The contributing women have wonderful stories to tell and offer interesting perspectives. They would welcome your comments.


Thanks for stopping by. Let me hear what you think about the new book cover! And let me hear from you when you publish, too. I support Indies.

As always I remain, yours between the lines!

End the Silence? Okay, listen to this…

“Every 15 seconds a woman in America is being abused. One out of four women will fall victim to domestic violence at some point in their life, and this is a season-long call for action. There is silence about this. This is something that isn’t talked about. It’s probably one of the most under-reported things going on in America today.” ~Dr Phil McGraw, “Dr Phil”

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. Last year, I was honored to participate in an END THE SILENCE campaign created by the award-winning author, Jenna Brooks. She gathered together an amazing group of women who offered commentary, stories (and in my case, poetry) about domestic violence and what is happening to women everywhere, or programs, or both. It was a wonderful honor to share poetry from the then newly released PAPER BONES to this cause. And the women! They were incredible with their honest and eye-opening stories.

Jenna Brooks is once again opening the door to another “END THE SILENCE? Okay, listen to this…” campaign and once more I am honored to add my voice to the contributors. I’ve offered four unpublished poems and an editorial commentary. This year’s theme focuses on “why is violence against women still so common?” Because everyone knows about DV, and yet….everyone also seems to think that everyone else is doing something about it, so they don’t need to. Plus, there remain a great many women who are being overlooked.
Certainly no one has been “silent.” EVERYONE knows about Domestic Violence and Abuse. So, maybe we’ve been shouting about the wrong things?

Because this issue is so HUGE and needs time to open discussions, Jenna has decided to open her campaign a month early. So starting today, the End the Silence 2014 is released! I am providing a link (see the top of the sidebar) , and I hope everyone will come by, and visit often, read what these fabulous women have to tell you, and open discussions with them. I am so proud and honored to be a part of this again, but my voice is one of the lucky ones. So I speak for some who can’t or are afraid. Will you listen?

And don’t think that what you see on today is all there will be. New things will be added later!

So, join us, won’t you? Help us make a difference and END THE SILENCE.

I’ll look forward to your thoughts here, there, or on Facebook. Thanks for listening. Now, let’s talk!