A pic, a poem, a postmortem

I had company over the weekend, and I promised you a pic from that adventure. My home was filled with laughter and family for a few hours. My son (well, he’s my husband’s son but I think of him as mine since I’ve known him since he was 16 and he’s over 40 now), daughter in law, their son and my grandson, Ron’s nephew and nephew’s new bride. The nephew and bride stayed with us for a few days and my grandson and family came over for some golf and bbq ribs. So without futher adieu…

Here's the gang

Here’s the gang

That’s son, daughter in law, hubby, grandson, nephew and bride. A happy, motley crew. Love them.

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month. In honor of all poetry winging around the universe, and for recent events covered in the news, I offer this little ditty. Make of it what you will.


Drivel, doggerel, and diatribes!
Who supplied sterile stones for
castling omissible dottrels with
sandpaper rubbed tongues, so
brazen and ministering, of masterful
missals, and funereal arsenide?
Ah, sweet miserable media —
skeptical, unstoppable sybarites!

Went to the movies over the weekend. Saw Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. I really liked it. Been a while since I’ve seen a sci-fi movie that wasn’t some sort of remake of something else. This has some very original ideas, new visuals and presented in a fun, exciting way. The movie is beautiful to look at too. Cruise has developed into an actor at 50. He can deliver drama without it feeling forced and it is fun to watch him. Worth seeing.

Finished Angelopolis, the second book by Danielle Trussoni. The tale is detailed and twisty, intricate and full of subplots. It is not a fast read but worth the slow investment in literary drama. I know it will be next year for the final installment of this trilogy but I am happy to make the time investment.

Next on the desk is Naomi Novik’s Crucible of Gold, the 7th installment of the Dragon Temeraire series. Did you know that Novik’s series was optioned by Peter Jackson??? I do hope he makes these into movies soon. What delicious movies they will be in the hands of such a visual master! Oh I will be jumping up and down to see dragons winging across the screen, and not as the bad guys but stars of wonderful series! How cool would that be??  Ahem! My book is due today via UPS and then I will dig into it this weekend. I’ll let you know what I think.

Have we connected on Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, or LinkedIn? Let’s! Meanwhile, thank you for coming by. Stay tuned for more news and updates soon! Cya!


Big Announcement!!

I promised you news so here it is:  I HAVE A  BOOK COMING OUT!

Yes, I have a poetry collection being released late summer (date unofficial at this point). I am terribly excited! It includes some of my photography too. (I do wish you could see me hopping up and down here). Just last night I was able to see the final copy of THE COVER!!!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy. And when my graphic artist finishes sending it to the publisher and they have it in hand, I will happily share the beta with you! Did I say how excited I am????

So here are some answers to questions that I think you might ask:

Yes, I am self publishing. No, it is not a vanity press. Yes, I will have an editor. Yes, the cover is a one-of-a-kind, specially created for me by a professional. Yes, it has been an exacting process. Yes, it has kept me up nights for the last month. Yes, I’ve learned a great deal about the industry that I will happily share with you soon. Yes, this will be a stand alone volume. Yes I am using my nickname which becomes my nom de plume (Sherry) and how silly is that since I practically consider “Sherry” as my name. But if it isn’t on the birth certificate…

So there it is. I’ll be doing some new things as a result – like changing this blog to show me as an author, and yes, I will have to open….a (GASP)…..facebook….account. Okay the world may come to an end when I do that as I’m sure I am the last person on Earth who is not already there, right?? And there will be a web page…so many things!

Stay tuned for more new information coming soon!


Also, Anna Mittower’s Guest Editorial is now listed in the tab above if you want to come back and re-read her words at a later date. Anna, thank you so much. I am honored you let me share you with my world. I wish you happy trails in your new adventure and best inks in your writing. When your first book does happen, come back here and let me tell everyone all about it, ok?

What’s happening?

Hope your April Fool’s Day was a day full of foolish fun. I loved the Google tricks. But were people REALLY fooled by “smell-o-vision??”

Went to a Winemaker’s Dinner at Richard Childress Winery in Lexington, NC on my birthday. What a wonderful way to spend the night, eating delicious gourmet foods (beef carpaccio, potato-fennel soup, blackberry bbq quail, beef cheek, halibut, deconstructed shepherd’s pie, proscuitto-wrapped veal medallions and dark chocolate pate). Oh lord, was it fabulous. And the wines, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, Victory Cuvee, Chardonnay, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Port. Needless to say, on Saturday morning I was just a wee bit hung over. Normally the tastings wouldn’t bother me but I’ve cleansed my body and eating waaaay healthier (haven’t even had my normal wine with dinner), so my body was rather purged. So all the alcohol really got to me. I had to laugh about it. Haven’t felt like that in 30 years. Or so.

But what a wonderful night. I must say Richard Childress Vineyard and Winery is a delightful place, and if you are in North Carolina or the surrounding states, it is worth a visit. Eat there, too. The chef knows his stuff.  Here’s a pic my hubby took during the Winemaker’s Dinner:

Inside the barrel room!

Winemaker’s Dinner

On the desk:

On my desk is Kevin Hearne’s next book, TRAPPED (#5 in the Iron Druid Chronicles). I have really enjoyed this author and highly recommend him.


Look forward to teases next week about my upcoming guest blogger. Who will SHE be?

Meanwhile, be good to one another. Hug a friend. He – or she – might really need it. Cya!

Halloween Treat for you!

Halloween is Here!

The fireflies have taken cover
The moss is buried under fog
There’s a gurgling beyond the fence
Coming from the stinkin’ bog.
Every shadow is leaning forward
Anxious for escape tonight
They’re waiting for a hapless victim –
Someone begging for a fright.
Something’s coming; don’t look back!
There’s scraping by the old logs,
What’s that screaming, is it you or me?
Or is it just the bats and frogs?
Red eyes watch your every move
Just there beyond the line of trees,
Whistle away the pumping fear,
Don’t believe what you think you see!
So what if your skin is crawling tight
And you’re sweating goosebumps too,
Vampires don’t mind the taste of fear
And panic makes you a werewolf chew!
Ding dong!  There’s that sound again –
The scuffing, rustling sound of feet.
Close your eyes, open your heart,
The goblins are here – Trick or Treat!

Perpetual Kid finger monsters

AH! Monsters have my fingers!

Palindrome 01/02/10

It’s a palindromic number! Won’t happen but 12 times in a century.  I was writing a check and it dawned on me. I feel so silly for not noticing sooner!

I updated my Library list. Now you can follow along with what I’m reading and I hope you will contact me with your own reading list and suggestions/comments. I will share anything that is different and interesting. C’mon now…share!

Last day to consider the picture. A new one goes up tomorrow evening.  I’m a bit disappointed at the response. Tell your friends and let’s get this game going. I can’t get sponsorship without people. *hint*

My bff Melonie (see link on sidebar) is beginning a weekly podcast. I once had a simple one called “Did you know” and she may inspire me to re-open that project.  But first, go have a listen to Meli.  She’s clever and intelligent and oh, just trust me, please.

Our missing man “Sean” has surfaced.  I used to have a link to his site (old blog) and if he appears here I will reinstitute that too. Oh Sean, I have missed you. Pray wither art thou? (He was writing this terrific epic).

A note about the links to the side. The writers listed there are VERY talented, many published, and all fascinating. Please give them a minute and you won’t be disappointed.  Most don’t hang here but that doesn’t diminish my admiration for any of them (sometimes it isn’t about reciprocation but about honest like).

Finally, I have secured our first guest blogger who will appear by weeks end (just before I go on vacation)!  More on her soon.

Enjoy your weekend. See you in the book reviews,

Photo Contest Nov 30

It is time to play a new photo guessing game.  Please visit the Photo of the Week and then come back and add your guess in the comments. One hint is provided and two more will be coming this week, so if you can’t hazard an idea, perhaps you will get one later. Remember, the contest ends Dec 6, 6pm EST. 

By the way, these are real places, nothing created or photoshopped (other than a resizing).

Now, start guessing!

UPDATE:  Clue #2 posted on Dec 2.

UPDATE: Final clue posted Dec 4.

ANSWER: Hillsborough, NC Cooper-Payne Tree Farms huge rocker w/giant metal flower and a huge Adirondack chair w/foot stool. Both are about 12 ft high.  Recognized in Roadside America

Photo of the Wk – Nov 23

Here is the place to put your guesses on this week’s photo.  Any takers? 🙂  Open for one week!

UPDATE:  (25 Nov) 2nd clue posted!  Care to try your luck now?

UPDATE:  (27 Nov) Last clue – last chance!

Answer:  (29 Nov):  The large mountain is Mt. Misery on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

Thank you Melonie for guessing! Better luck with the next one, yes?