Last Hint and Kudos to Technology

Saturday means laundry, baking and misc. other things. This weekend I hope those “other things” include my finishing Christmas cards. Tonight, laundry. Tomorrow, baking.

But first I must take a moment and applaud technology. A webcam broadcasting live from California allowed me to watch my sister graduate from South Cal San Bernardino with her Masters degree. She’s over 40 and you know that was tough, made tougher with her demanding work schedule. I am proud. She’s my younger sister, my only sibling. It is a tremendous achievement. And thanks to technology (ok, Meli, I give on this one), I was able to witness her graduation “moment” live.  A decade ago? Impossible. So this was Special.

All right, enough stalling.  I promised a last hint on the guest blogger:

She penciled her first story (that she remembers) in the third grade. Her main character was a horse named Keno.  Horses continue to be a big part of her work though not the main characters.

WHO is she?? Come back on Monday to read the post by my Guest Blogger, then leave a comment or ask her a question. She’s going to answer all posts.

And by week’s end look forward to some photographs. Time to showcase some Christmas! Don’t forget I want to see photos from you too!