I’ve Moved!

I’ve moved!

If you follow this blog, please remember it is closed for updates. The “follow me” will be removed to prevent new sign ups.

Please join me at Sherry Rentschler. Sign up for the newsletter when you visit. Unfortunately there will no longer be blog notices when new info is posted/updated. But the newsletter will let you know about new things before others, read new things that will not appear on the website and hear about signings and giveaways before the public.

C’mon over! I look forward to seeing you.


New Web Site!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Writers and Readers, Authors and Bloggers,

I’m proud and delighted to announce the last of my new surprises.

My new domain/website Sherry Rentschler is now LIVE!

As a result of the new site, I also have a new blog — or rather Between the Lines has a new home.  And new things planned for your pleasure.

This blog here will be going inactive in a couple weeks. I encourage you to join me at the ****new**** site and sign up for the new newsletter. 

————FOLLOWING BY EMAIL WILL NO LONGER WORK and will soon be deleted here.————

I’m very excited about the direction I’m going and I hope you’ll go along with me.

Many thanks to Dawn at Austin DesignWorks for my new website!!!

C’mon, let’s go to my new home!

I remain Yours Between the Lines!

Time for something new

I confess.  I’m one of these people who once the furniture is set in the living room is content to leave it untouched until I die. For the most part. I may add or remove a bookcase, change out a chair when replaced by new or add a different lamp. Change curtains, surely. But the big stuff? Nah.

And then you move. That gives you a chance to change everything. People who come to visit you, those who’ve known you a while, exclaim “oh look what you’ve done!” Mostly shock speaking, of course, given that they’ve never seen your things in any other pattern than the previous one. Stop laughing!

Okay, I don’t know if this makes me a careful planner, set in my ways, rigid and anal, or simply less worried about change than other folks — but I do feel now is a time to think about change and change the furniture.

I dislike Summer. No. That’s a lie. I truly despise Summer. I loved it when I was a kid, naturally. Bikes and roller skates and pogo sticks! Long, lazy days in the grass guessing cloud shapes, waiting for the ice cream truck. Ah, summer. Well thank you global warming. Now it is let-me-get-my-errands-done-before-10am-0r-melt days. I’ve never fared well in the heat. I burn so fast you can literally see it happen. I’m allergic to grass seed. The point is that during this time of the grass cutting heat wave called Summer, I am concentrating on writing and I’m feeling like it is time to rearrange the furniture.

The web furniture, that is.

So fair warning travelers and friends!  This place is going to be changing. Not sure into what because I’m only now playing with the furniture. I need new curtains, a new nook and a reading corner. Feels weird to think of change, but I’m excited now. Expect the unexpected. Soon. This current place might even go offline while I change it. I’ll let you know when.

What else would a dark fantasy writer/poet tell you? Oh, I know!

Don’t look behind you!


Leave the lights on.


Something is coming between the lines….


Worse! (here is where you shiver a little with me)

What’s worse than something wicked? (Oh don’t sound so incredulous!)


Book Cover and News!

BIG news!  My book, Paper Bones, is only three to four weeks from publication!! Oh my gosh!!!  So much to do/plan/prepare for! I thought I had two months yet! Yikes! Now begins the final push. Have much to do, including the book trailer which will appear on YouTube and elsewhere.  I have some terrific friends who will be lending a hand (thank God for them!) on the technical stuff.

I’ll be setting up an Author Facebook page shortly. I’ll post when it is live and hope you will contact me so we can connect there. I don’t have a clue how to work it yet, so much to learn there (bff to the rescue on this issue; thanks Meli).  Same goes for WordPress. Improvements/changes coming.

Ah, I have never shown you the cover! It was custom prepared by a professional graphic artist, and my friend, Sean Foley.  Here it is:

Poetry book cover by Sean Foley

Poetry book cover by Sean Foley

I am fortunate to have a foreword by author Mary Deal. Mary is a Pushcart Prize nominee, Eric Hoffer Award winner and a finalist in several Indie book award programs. If you don’t know Mary, you should.  There’s a link on the side to her website, Write Any Genre.

ON THE DESK:  Reading Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland, first in a series of five so far. I’m over halfway through and have decided to order the rest of the series. What does that tell you?

NEXT GUEST BLOGGER:  The Guest Blogger for June appears next week! Who is SHE? Look for teasers next week.

Exciting stuff! Don’t forget to check out the current Sneak Peek. I remind you that it will disappear without notice and a new thing will appear later. I will let you know only when the new stuff appears.

Now, I’m going to try not to hyperventilate!  Stay tuned!

Brief Notes

Happy Monday, all! Well I see that the poll was a complete bust! haha Remind me not to do that again, ok?

The guest blogger is almost ready! Look for some teasers very soon, here and on Twitter.

What’s with WordPress and the “Like” list?? Suddenly no one shows up. It says “loading…” but nothing ever happens. Anyone know what’s going on?

ON THE DESK:  I finished Naomi Novik’s book and am about to start on Charlaine Harris’ final (sob) Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Ever After.  If I don’t read it can I keep the series from ending? HA! I have a friend who won’t read the last book in order to do just that, but I’m not her. So after I refresh myself on last year’s book (I read so many series that I have to go back and remind myself of the key points), I will begin.  Let you know how this one ends. I have HIGH hopes on something fabulous and surprising.

Not much else to reveal at the moment. Will share my book cover with you soon. Will be setting up my Facebook account soon. There’s a book trailer to consider…and you’ll hear all about it first, right here. Stay Tuned!

P.S. RIP Jeanne Cooper. You were a truly Grand Dame. I will miss you terribly.

Palindrome 01/02/10

It’s a palindromic number! Won’t happen but 12 times in a century.  I was writing a check and it dawned on me. I feel so silly for not noticing sooner!

I updated my Library list. Now you can follow along with what I’m reading and I hope you will contact me with your own reading list and suggestions/comments. I will share anything that is different and interesting. C’mon now…share!

Last day to consider the picture. A new one goes up tomorrow evening.  I’m a bit disappointed at the response. Tell your friends and let’s get this game going. I can’t get sponsorship without people. *hint*

My bff Melonie (see link on sidebar) is beginning a weekly podcast. I once had a simple one called “Did you know” and she may inspire me to re-open that project.  But first, go have a listen to Meli.  She’s clever and intelligent and oh, just trust me, please.

Our missing man “Sean” has surfaced.  I used to have a link to his site (old blog) and if he appears here I will reinstitute that too. Oh Sean, I have missed you. Pray wither art thou? (He was writing this terrific epic).

A note about the links to the side. The writers listed there are VERY talented, many published, and all fascinating. Please give them a minute and you won’t be disappointed.  Most don’t hang here but that doesn’t diminish my admiration for any of them (sometimes it isn’t about reciprocation but about honest like).

Finally, I have secured our first guest blogger who will appear by weeks end (just before I go on vacation)!  More on her soon.

Enjoy your weekend. See you in the book reviews,