I’ve Moved!

I’ve moved!

If you follow this blog, please remember it is closed for updates. The “follow me” will be removed to prevent new sign ups.

Please join me at Sherry Rentschler. Sign up for the newsletter when you visit. Unfortunately there will no longer be blog notices when new info is posted/updated. But the newsletter will let you know about new things before others, read new things that will not appear on the website and hear about signings and giveaways before the public.

C’mon over! I look forward to seeing you.


New Web Site!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Writers and Readers, Authors and Bloggers,

I’m proud and delighted to announce the last of my new surprises.

My new domain/website Sherry Rentschler is now LIVE!

As a result of the new site, I also have a new blog — or rather Between the Lines has a new home.  And new things planned for your pleasure.

This blog here will be going inactive in a couple weeks. I encourage you to join me at the ****new**** site and sign up for the new newsletter. 

————FOLLOWING BY EMAIL WILL NO LONGER WORK and will soon be deleted here.————

I’m very excited about the direction I’m going and I hope you’ll go along with me.

Many thanks to Dawn at Austin DesignWorks for my new website!!!

C’mon, let’s go to my new home!

I remain Yours Between the Lines!


I used to love to read Ellery Queen novels. My dad’s mother had them stashed in the bathroom, so I learned to enjoy them while having a soak in her claw foot bathtub. It was my introduction to The Cliffhanger. It was also my introduction to giving hints inside stories. Took me years and years to figure out the formula but now I can pick out the hints in TV shows and books without missing a beat. This in no way spoils it for me but pushes me to hide mine a little deeper just to be a little more clever. Once I was so clever I forgot my own hint…but that’s a story for another day. But hints are like little easter eggs for novels. I adore them.

I also like hints that are foreshadowing events. Like, for instance, next week you’ll want to come back here and see who has come by for a visit. I’ll just say if Louis L’amore had a daughter, she’d be it. You’ll like this visitor too and you’ll get to ask her questions. She has told many tales. Her latest is…

Well, that’s a surprise for another day.

Come back for clues. And check your Twitter feed, too. Foreshadowing is a writer’s joy.

Just over the horizon, under an expansive sky, a lone figure rides out with the sun as a backdrop. The silhouette is stark, sharp against the early morning and dust lifts in the wake of hooves. Listen! There is a faint jingle of spurs…

Hints. I adore them!